Supernatural is not X-Files 90210

imageI'll admit to not giving Supernatural, the TV series a fair shot. I watched a couple episodes when it first came out, and whether it hadn't hit its stride or I just wasn't in the right mood, it fell flat with me. I was reminded of the “monster hunter” X-Files episodes that weren't connected to larger story arc. Combine that with the fact the show was on the teen-oriented CW (or maybe WB back then) network and a little meanness, and you get “X-Files 90210”. And I wrote it off as just that. But I was wrong.[View original post]


  • The first few episodes of Supernatural really were pretty bad, but perhaps it's gotten better. I'll have to take a look some time.
  • Same situation for me. The first half of the first season just didn't grab me the way I had hoped it would. But in the past year, I've had a few friends (now including John) tell me that this show has really come into its own. I'll have to Netflix it and get caught up. And then start stealing all those cool ideas!
  • I had the EXACT sane feeling about Supernatural. I thought it was going to be the Monster of the Week show. I hadn't given it a thought after watching the first 4 episodes. 5 years later my friend is telling me you have to give it a shot.... Netflix to the rescue. Around midway of the first season the show grabbed me. Clever, funny exciting and so on. I like to think that those first few episodes were just there to establish this is what the family does and here is why they do it.
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