Arrivals and Departures: Tracking Moving Monsters

The last couple posts discussed a technique I call a "Flight Plan" to plan for your monsters' retreat. The idea is to figure out ahead of time where your monsters will get going when the going gets tough. That way, you don't have them blundering ... [View original post]


  • I would like to comment on keeping track of NPC's or Monsters. One of the major benefits of using a VT is that the monsters/npc's are right there on the map so if they retreat, the GM can simply move them around as if they are real but the players will not see them (because they are not in line of site or FOW prevents seeing them). With VT's, you can also use much larger maps during game so keeping track of the "runners" is crazy simple for the GM because everything is on the map at all times - the whole map is there instead of just a room or two.

    I have found that most of my paperwork has been eliminated using a VT than compared to the old days and that is because everything is right there on the electronic map. To put it simple, I will never GM without a VT now because it is crazy simple seeing the complete picture instead of only a portion if it when using rubber and markers; plus we can save and load each session.
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