Microsoft Built My GameMaster Notebook

When it comes to RPG session prep, there's a fairly strong inclination among GMs towards free products. Any why not? There are some decent wikis out there, there are some products aimed specifically at RPG campaign management. So, why have I dropped ... [View original post]


  • $old.

    I've never even heard of OneNote, but it does sound perfect for organizing a game. I've often found myself trying to do similar stuff in PowerPoint since its so flexible and handles copying and pasting images and text relatively well, but there's definitely shortcomings to that.
  • I have used OneNote when it first came out. I also looked at it as a gaming tool (funny John how alike we are - I bet if we lived near each other, we would be gaming together ). I am not sure how much it has changed since release but I was torn between OneNote and my current campaign editor bundled with DMGENIE. I really like certain aspects of DMGENIE and OneNote but I ended up using DMGENIE instead since it kept track of so much more during game like spell durations and character buffs (although I cannot stand the searching ability).

    But your comments on OneNote have spraked more interest - perhaps it has gotten much better since its initial launch.

    Thanks for the heads up!
  • Thanks for your comments, Jeremy and dorpond. Out of curiosity, dorpond, did you use the 2003 or 2007 edition? I didn't realize that OneNote existed until the 2007...and I suspect there may be a reason for that.

    I just recently heard about DMGenie, actually, so this isn't a charge leveled at it (in fact, it looks to me like it's more about in-game management than campaign management): Most of the campaign manager stuff I've looked at requires that you learn and follow the developer's model of the domain (managing campaigns, in this case). Usually, I just want a way to organize my notes, I don't normally want a specific organization pushed on me. That said, I've gotten some undeniable value out of tools that helped me quickly make up high-level d20 villians...and then I stopped being so formal about it (who cares if the barbarian mummy lord has 8 or 12 ranks in jump?) and stopped using my campaign management tools.

    Clearly, I think there's some value in what DMGenie is doing, because there's a bit of overlap with EpicTable....
  • Yeah, I had 2003. I really should check out 2007.
  • Interesting article John. I actually have OneNote 2003 on the laptop that I use for GMing but never considered using it. I use it for everything but gaming. heh.

    I have been using a wiki myself. I use TiddlyWiki which is a single self-contained file and it is plenty fast even when used off a thumbdrive. I love the tags, the fact that I can customize the menu on the left and see a list of articles on the right. I can have multiple articles up at the same time.

    I have OneNote 2007 (it was a freebie) but haven't gotten around to installing it. I'll have to check out what is new with 2007 over 2003.
  • Welcome Phergus!

    I never tried (or was even aware of) OneNote 2003, so I can't speak to that. And my wiki was MediaWiki, not TiddlyWiki. But what I can tell you is that last night I reorganized a bunch of my EpicTable development notes--moving things between pages, creating new pages and shifting notes to them, creating new tabs, new tab groups, etc. On MediaWiki, that would have been a lot of individual page edits (each of which would have been an html page refresh). With OneNote, it was literally a couple minutes of dragging stuff around. The only typing I did was to give new pages names. I didn't even copy-paste anything. Not only was this dramatically faster than I could have hoped to do it in MediaWiki, but more importantly, the whole process was transparent, allowing me to focus on my reorganization task, rather than the mechanisms for rearranging things. I think I'm becoming dependent on OneNote....
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