Sound of a Desert Nightmare

album cover - Necronomicon by Nox Arcana Awhile back, I talked about artwork that inspires me as a GM. My game is currently in a three week hiatus while I plot the campaign's next chapter, which includes a trip to a not-very-nice desert location.

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  • Excellent find! I love listening to music when I'm writing, but not always music with lyrics (that can be a bit distracting). There's a bunch of their stuff available singly via AmazonMP3, too, so it's easy to get just the tracks that fit your creative mood or your particular game's ambiance.
  • Yes, this is a nice find! We can never have enough sound options.

    I use sound at every one of my games. I actually use a tool called RPGSoundmixer ( to that to go to their website) to mix it all together. It really adds to the game if done correctly. Midnight Syndicate is another good collection of horror based music - they have several CD's available.

    Thanks for the heads up!
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