Monsters for Sale: Buying DD Mini Singles

Continuing on the game prep theme from last time, I thought I'd talk a bit about buying D&D miniatures. Alright, before you skip this post: This isn't about the D&D Miniatures game, nor is it about D&D. It's about getting those unpainted metal miniatures, those stray dice, stones and random bits of plastic off your battlemat and replacing them with something more representative. [View original post]


  • I was a D&D mini booster pack addict for a long time, until I finally got enough that I felt like I had the right mini on hand for most encounters. After that, I switched to buying singles as needed. I was trying to get a mini for every encounter in the Sunless Citadel D&D module, and it was really great to be able to pick up all 10 twig blights I could possibly need for about $2, but unfortunatley I needed an ogre mage, which had only been made as a rare in one of the original sets, so it was $10. $10 is a lot when you're not comming from a collector's mentality. I wish someone would come forward with a full line of affordable plastic painted singles without the bent towards collectability.

    And that leads me to another irritation, why did Wizards come out with so many expansions so quickly? As far as I can tell they're still doing it! It totally destroyed my interest and excitment about trying to collect every figure after the first three expansions came out in what seemed like just a few months. My bank account could not possibly keep up with the flood so I just gave up on trying to collect whole sets.
  • I was never really a collector--I just wanted minis for use with encounters. So, I love the fact that there are tons of them and they're sold as singles (now). It would have been nice if the collectability hadn't driven up prices--assuming it did. The rares seem higher quality to me, and it could be that they'd cost a little more anyway...but probably not the difference between 20 cents and $10.
  • While looking through the suggested mini sites I not only found myself a potential avatar but I also found.....Mummies in the Desert ! I can't wait to see how Thorn reacts to that. I smell the rotting flesh of a beast of burden.

    I did find myself wanting to spend about a 1,000 bucks as I paged through the mini sites. If you come across any others, please put them up.
  • Welcome, Graz! I know what you mean--these guys add up. But the sometimes the right mini, at the right scale, makes all the difference in an encounter. I have a post coming up in the next few minutes that touches on that....
  • Thanks to miniaturemarket, I totally became a miniatures trader. I went through all my random minis and sold off the ones that I didn't think I'd ever use...including ones I loved to look at but probably would never actually plop down on a battlemat. I ended up selling almost $200 worth of minis to this site and then turned around and bought nearly $250 worth of those little plastic pieces of crack (I'm a true addict, I guess). I pretty much have every mini I'll need for the entire first two Pathfinder adventure paths. I still love to buy booster packs from my FLGS (have to support your community, my gamer friends), and my wife enjoys opening them with me to find the monsters she thinks are "cute" or "adorable" or whatever. But I go right to the computer and check sell prices at miniaturemarket for the figs I'm not interested in keeping. And there's something very, very exciting about selling minis to a site and then getting that email telling you how much in-store credit you have with them!
  • The bad thing about buying singles is that you can't fool yourself into thinking you're going to recoup some of that by selling the unwanted ones....:o
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