PFAP: Kingdom

I've recently subscribed to Paizo's Pathfinder Adventure Path series because the Kingmaker AP seemed very interesting and quite different from the usual AP fare.

The Kingmaker PCs start out exploring or hexcrawling a wilderness area. A lot of the available hexes sport simple or extended encounters or small dungeons. They are tasks with mapping the region and fighting banditry. After the adventure they are suspected to report their back their findings and maps.

At the beginning of the second installment, the PCs are granted a charta to rule the explored hexes as they see fit - together with settlers and resources. This volume also contains very simple rules for building and managing your own cities and kingdom.

Managing and building are handled via monthly Kingdom Rounds. The PCs are expected to further explore the region and go on short adventures, but also spend quite some time in their capital to nurse their up and coming empire.

In a kingdom round a random event may take place to which the PCs would have to react to, some economic actions are handled and the players may, if the treasury permits, found new cities, invest in their hexes' infrastructure, and build in the cities.

For further installments I expect some more meta-rules for, e.g., handling foreign relations.

These kingdom rounds are probably not very roleplaying intensive and don't have much to do with traditional adventuring. Most important results are produce via skill checks, with some random tables thrown in.

So... would Epictable be fit to handle such non-traditional gameplay, maybe even slot in simple management rules?


  • Wouldn't you know it? I cancel my Pathfinder subscription just before they do something I really need to see to understand.

    I'll have to look into it sometime. I can't really speak to how EpicTable could support a game like that without a better understanding of it. There are some things rattling around in my head, but they're too speculative--imagining what I could do based on what I think might be useful for a game I've not seen....

    Thanks for letting me know about it, though. I'll have to check that out. I really like Paizo's stuff.
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