Well Met at the Keg 'n' Kettle

What's this about kegs and kettles? And why do I sound like I'm LARPing? First of all, let me assure you that there's nary a not going to be any more of that kind of talk in this blog. This bl... [View original post]


  • I use the Sudden Allies technique fairly often. It instantly engages the players with some dice-rolling action while giving the PCs a good foundation for adventuring together. And all the personalities can come to the forefront in the battle's aftermath: noble types lending aid to the stricken, ignoble types looting the dead, aloof types concerned for their well-being only, magnanimous types pitching in to clean up and rebuild, etc.

    After a TPK in a game involving the forgotten demi-god children of the chief Orc god, the PCs were transformed into mummies and awakened to fight for the demi-gods against an avatar of their father. I can see where beginning a campaign in a similar fashion would be very exciting and unusual, to say the least.
  • The game involving the demi-god children of the orc god is an awesome idea. You should consider creating a module out of that...maybe for a new-but-promising virtual tabletop. ;)
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