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I found a website that had a ton of free tokens that were previously commercially available. Since their store has closed, those 20 packs are now available and offered, by the artist, for free at:


They are high quality and contain hundreds of top-down figures. Most are fantasy related, but one pack is of modern soldiers/SWAT.

I know Brennan said he was working on some tokens as well, but I thought I'd offer these to everyone to use in addition to what he's working on.


  • Way to Go Velgor! I'm heading there now. Excellent utility!
  • These ARE Devin Nights Work! cool! from Four Ugly Monsters, woah! very cool that he's offering them up to the community, very not cool that he didn't make a million bucks off the endeavor.
  • I haven't 'dug into' it yet, but I'm kinda hoping that those are the 20 'intro' packs that he's offering, and that he still has a store where he sells more... I really would like his efforts to be successful. It's really good work.
  • Yes, Just to Clarify, I don't think that he's going / gone out of business at all - He has a whole FREAKING TON of high Quality Tokens that he'd previously offered up to the community for free, and he's continuing to do so.

    That's the 2o packs that you saw Vel, but he IS offering at least 4 other Premium Packs in a store, and it all still works heh, I went ahead and bought them, because A) they are AWESOME and well worth the money, and B) I want to show my support to Devin who honestly is giving away some great art work for free, and some great art work for FREAKIN Cheap.

    I don't mean to 'pimp' here or anything, but it's great to have contributions like this so targeted to our Hobby, so if it IS something your at all interested in, and can afford to do at the time - I'd kick the 20$'s in for the 4 Premium Packs and call it well spent Money.

    - It also looks like he'll custom do some top downs for a small fee as well - I'm going to look into that too.
  • I can also confirm that he's still working on this. You can see his current work at his blog:

  • Yes, I agree, the work is very well done and I was glad to see that he's still creating more stuff. I'm also considering putting in a special order for custom work.

    Everyone really should check it all out.
  • I agree--DN's stuff is great. I have a small group that I use in tests and demos (with his permission, of course). Promote DN all you want here. In fact, I want to create a section (more visible than my Links page) of pointers to digital resources. There's a lot of great stuff out there.
  • Here are two tokens that I made. Feel free to use them for personal use.

    Attached files image image
  • Hey! those looked FanTastic! thanks for posting them, very cool!
  • Thanks. They're PNG files, but the forum scaled them down and converted them to JPG, so you lose the transparency and detail.

    I suppose I could try to upload them again as a zip file if anyone is interested.
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