GenCon 2011

I've been back from GenCon for a couple of days, but am still recovering. Had an amazing time at the con, and really enjoyed being able to demo EpicTable for people.

My favorite part of the whole experience was seeing the look on someone's face when they realized that we supported what they wanted to do, whether it was playing some weird small-press game (like the ones I play) or finally being able to play with their old college buddies without spending a lot of time prepping their software to support their campaign.

If I met you at GenCon, drop me a line in this thread. I'd love to hear about your experiences.


  • I am one of those folks you ran in to at GenCon, and yes, I am excited about the possibilites of Epic Table! I even did the pre-purchase!

    I've been playing around with Beta 10 and it looks like it will allow me to tabletop with friends I haven't played with in years! We have yet to 'connect' but I'm sure that will come soon.

    One question, and I'm not sure that this is the place to post it, but here goes...

    I installed Beta 10, but now whenever I start up my computer, it wants to re-install the program. Is there a way to stop this behavior, or did I do something wrong?

    If this isn't the place for such 'bug' questions, please let me know and I will post to the proper forum.

    Thanks for your work on Epic Table!:)
  • Hi Brennen,

    Sounds great. Hopefully you and John will have some pictures to share for us folks living far too far away :)

    Coming from a city that has one comic shop in which there are few shelves of RPG books - mostly DnD, GenCon sounds almost like nirvana!! :)

  • @RobHata - I'm sure John will see it here, but it's easier for us to keep track of it if you submit it at Be sure to select "problem" under the "category" dropdown.

    @RedFin - I feel you. I live in a small college town in Alabama. When I was a kid, we had an awesome gaming store. A couple of years ago, we had the most amazing board game store I've ever seen, but it was in a really dumb location (the kind of warehouse area where cabinet shops are located), and it closed down after about a year.

    So yeah, we have a comic book store with a couple of D&D books.
  • @RobHata - I'm really glad that EpicTable's able to help you reconnect with your gaming friends. Glad we have things sorted out with respect to the install issue.

    For those curious about the install issue, it seems that the "run me after reboot" instruction that the EpicTable installer puts down when it has to install .NET 4 was somehow left in the Windows registry. I've not seen that happen before. If anyone else experiences this, please let me know. I'll retest the clean (i.e., no .NET) install during my beta-11 testing.

    @Brennen - Thanks for directing RobHata to the support site.

    @RedFin - I have a couple Gen Con pics I can share. Wish I'd taken more of the exhibit hall, though I doubt you'd really get the feel of it in a picture. Maybe with a panoramic shot.... It's a little overwhelming, frankly. There's just so much stuff that I found myself paralyzed, unable to buy anything, because there were always 100 other things to buy.
  • I'm a little ticked at myself. I was at GenCon, a friend of mine said "You've GOT to go check this software out!" and my scheduling got so messed up I wasn't able to.

    I hope to see more of EpicTable soon!

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