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  • Glad to hear everything went well, really wish I could have gone, but you know how busy life can get! I'm also glad to hear about the pre-sales, can't wait to find out more on that.

    I've about got my gaming table all set up, built from the ground up to be an epic table for epic table :)

    With the help of a local woodwork I've set up a hexagonal tower with a hexagonal desk all around it. It's 8 feet from any of the 6 corners to the opposite side. The middle of the tower is hollow, with 6 pcs built into it. On each of the towers 6 sides I've mounted an lcd screen. So, I'm all set to run a game with 5 friends, just as soon as you release that is! Hehe

    Anyway, always great to get updates, sounds like everything coming together nicely!

    P.s. Have you started testing lighting yet, I'm looking foreword to hearing about that.

    P.p.s. I typed this out on my phone, so cut me dome slack if autocorrect played any tricks on me!
  • @Onoes - That sounds amazing. Can you post some pictures?
  • Sure thing, I'll just start a new thread about it tomorrow, don't want to totally hijack this one!
  • Yeah, please do. I'd love to see it.

    re: Lighting: We were actually demoing it at the show. I'll record it and do some online demos. Ironically, it's the very first part of EpicTable that I worked on, and it's lagged because so many other things were more critical to my own games and those of the early beta testers.

    I've been focused on reproducing the basic tools to run a game, and while It's vision is really cool-looking, I never had with my (physical) battlemat anyway, so I've gotten along without it.
  • New Newbie from GenCon2011 checking in!

    FYI Bought the pre sale edition, and got the t-shirt (pun intended).
  • Glad you guys had good interest in your product, very cool!

    You mentioned pre-release sales, any more details on that yet?

  • @Barton - Welcome!

    @mojoflow - re: pre-release sales, stay tuned. I'll get beta-11 out, and then organize the virtual Gen Con booth and talk more about pre-release sales.
  • @mojoflow - pre-release sales were available at GenCon 2011, and from what I've seen posted here on the forums, they will also make it available through this website. It appears as if Beta-11 will have the ability to register your copy of EpicTable - Beta 10 did not have that ability.

    I, for one, have already committed to EpicTable. If you're like me and my gaming group, the first thing you do with a new RPG book is slice it, dice it, toss it in a pot, add your own meat and potatoes, season to taste and serve up your own Home Brew. EpicTable is *perfect* for running Home Brew systems, because it has been made easy to use, 'system agnostic', and extremely flexible! This is exactly what I've been searching for!

    Of course, you'll miss out on the tee-shirt, but you'll get yourself a very good VTT system.
  • @RobHata — I might have to snag you to help with marketing!
  • :)

    Thanks guys,

    I have been messing around with MapTool, and have been getting it ready for a campaign I am starting this Fall. I am very interested in EpicTable though, and it seems like it would fit our needs here.

    Look forward to more info!

  • I also bought EpicTable at GenCon. I like what I saw. The biggest point that hooked me (visited the booth on Thursday, bought on Sunday, thought about it the whole time...) was the pricing.

    I never stepped into the tabletop programs because they were all setting their prices 'per user'. It's one of my problems with Convention Games is that you're making people 'pay to play'. Video Game companies do that. EpicTable hooked me with the 'License to Host' method. And since pre-ordering was so cheap, I had to get it.

    The only thing I am wondering about for future updates, is it possible to have some Generic Art pushed with the program? Specifically for Portraits, Grid Models, etc. If anything, maybe a template so it's possible to make your own?

    I was going to jump on here and do a little bitching about how this looked nothing like it did at Gen Con, but after reading the press release, I understand why. I think once Beta-11 is out, I'll be using this for at least one game. What that might be is in the air though.

    Thanks for creating a great idea.
  • @ApocalypseZero - I'll definitely be doing generic portraits, map tiles, et cetera to push out with EpicTable. We actually have a kind of secret project in the wings in regard to that that I'm pretty excited about.

    After I get caught up at the day job, I'll start working on some art resources for the EpicTable community.

    Re: Beta 11. We generally don't publish anything until our own group has had a chance to experience it first. That keeps us from having any nasty surprises. I'm afraid that's my fault. I've been catching up with the day job post-GenCon and cancelled our weekly game.
  • ApocalypseZero;2309 wrote: The only thing I am wondering about for future updates, is it possible to have some Generic Art pushed with the program? Specifically for Portraits, Grid Models, etc. If anything, maybe a template so it's possible to make your own?

    I just wanted to make sure I understand what you're after. In EpicTable, you can use whatever art you have access to--whether you have maps and NPC portraits from a module, or scenic vistas snagged off the web, or stuff you do yourself, you just have to choose an image for a background or portrait or whatever--there's nothing special you have to do.

    If what you're after is a portrait "starter pack" or something, I've actually talked to some folks who sell that kind of thing and are interested in providing a basic set as a teaser. I just haven't been doing the business relationship thing so much, because I've been doing the making a product thing.;)

    Brennen's likely to do a set of portraits too...and then there's the Super Secret project Brennen alluded to....
  • You might want to contact they do paper minis and they have done icons/counters also. I have purchased from them and they are good folks.:o
  • Thanks. The ones you saw in the demo at Gen Con are from Fiery Dragon and DevinNight.
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