Hey all,

My name's Rob and I'm one of the hosts of the Accidental Survivors Podcast. I was told to check out EpicTable at GenCon, and I wasn't able to. So here I am (next best thing, I suppose!). I've been poking at VTTs for a couple of years now, trying to find the best solution for the games I play and the groups I play with.

I play what I think is an eclectic mix of RPGs - Pathfinder, 4E, Warhammer 3rd ed., Mutants & Masterminds, Fiasco, Dogs in the Vineyard, RPGKids and a few others.

Looking forward to seeing what's being done!



  • Welcome, Rob!

    Glad to have you here. I love to hear "eclectic". That's EpicTable's sweet spot, in my opinion. There are EpicTable features that exist because of Dogs in the Vineyard and Fiasco.

    -- John
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