Barton is aboard

Introduced to Epic Table via GenCon2011. Bought the pre-release and got the t-shirt (pun intended).

A big Hero System GM and player, hoping for Hex support soon!!!

Games I GameMaster (GM): Champions (Hero System) superheroes FTF, Teen Champions (Hero System): teenager superheroes, and Pulp Hero (Hero System) game set in 1936 with much pulpy action!.

Games I play in:

Champions (Hero Systems) a silver age like game Face to Face (FTF), Fantasy Hero (Hero System) fantasy game FTF, Champions set in the 1960's, SteamPunk game (Hero System) FTF, D and D Fourth Edition game FTF, and Star Hero game (Hero System Sci-fi).

Favorite software tools:

Skype (great and free if all on computers), Gadwin SoftwareScreen shot software, Corel Draw, Hero Machine for making paper minis, MS Excel for some tasks as init charts, Hero Designer for making Hero System characters, Treepad (for game documentation) and Maptools. I also have written two custom programs in Delphi XE for tracking XP and characters.

I am a member of Legion of Heroes and I GameMaster at major conventions (GenCon, Origins) and I GM at some other conventions (Who'syercon).


  • Welcome! It's good to have someone who is so familiar with Hero System on the forum. I'm sure John and I will have lots of questions for you.
  • That's right--I'll happily leverage that expertise. We spoke--at length--at Gen Con, and Barton extracted a blood oath from me to implement hex grids. ;)

    No worse than you and cards, Brennen.
  • Did I tell you about my new game "Hex Cards"?:eek:
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