ET Character sheet demo/workshop - anyone interested?

I'm considering holding a character sheet demo/workshop to share my workflow for creating and using visual character sheets in EpicTable. I'm willing to demo to groups of 3-4 participants at a time. If you're interested in participating, please speak up here!


  • Yes, yes, very much so!

    The only thing which could dissuade me from joining is your god-forsaken time zone. :cool:


    Jan van Leyden
  • What would be a convenient time for you?
  • I'd like to see how your using character sheets. Would you still be willing to run me through the process? I'm pretty open time wise except for Monday night, this Saturday night is open but next I go back to a regularly scheduled L5R game so after that Saturday night goes on the "out" list, and this week only, Sunday night after 8mst is out.
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