Maps! - Virtual Tabletop Tips, Part 1

I wanted to call this "Virtual Maps are Better than Physical Maps...Unless You Use Dwarven Forge...And Have Unlimited Funds...And Unlimited Room...And a Really Indulgent Spouse", but that s... [View original post]


  • And don't forget the usability of more generic maps and adding tokens like trees, rocks, etc. to create a different map every time

    Lot's more to tell about this subject ...
  • You're absolutely right, kepli. In my next post, I'm talking a bit about what to do now that you've got the capability of playing on nice-looking maps. Where can you find maps? How can you make maps? For me, Dundjinni was the first product that made me able to make decent (if not beautiful) maps. And the "not beautiful" applies to me specifically--there are lots of users doing incredible things with Dundjinni, and the forum there is very active and helpful. For anyone interested in making your own maps, it's a must-visit site.
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