Hello, hello. I have been role-playing 30 years this year & I'm looking for a way to bring all of my old role-playing friends - now scattered around the world - back together to play again.

I'm not so strong on the technical side..... sorry to admit........one time academic historian-turned-organic farmer.


  • Welcome, Kropotkin!

    You're not alone--plenty of gamers are not real comfortable in front of a computer. Through the beta, I've had the opportunity to join some groups and talk to some people for whom the PC really is just a means to an end, and gaming with friends just recently becoming one of those ends. It's been a very valuable experience, because when I think about a feature and how it might work, I try to imagine the reaction of various people I've met and ask myself, "Is this as good as it needs to be? Is it simple enough to use? Will it be frustrating?" As a long-time software developer, I'm bound to fail to see clearly through the eyes of all the users--but that's where you guys come in. Keep me honest!
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