Hello all

Just thought id jump and and say hi before i start playing with the softwear :) Me and my friends are all over the UK since finishing uni, well they finished and moved home. So we were looking for a virtual table top and this looks to take the biscuit.

We are starting out with Deathwatch the 40k RPG.

But ill be moving on to running various systems if it all works. From old 80s faves of TMNT and Rifts to new iterations of Traveller and maybe Judge Dredd and everything inbetween.

I hope its as easy to use as it looks, the map function looks interesting, bringing in ship desings and pre done maps could be tricky, maybe scanning them would work.

anyway jsut a hello

take care



  • Glad to have you here. Let me know if you have any problems with ship designs or maps. All you need to do is select "Background Image" on the "Maps" tab and choose a JPG, PNG or similar image file.
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