Is there a way to...

I run a homebrew combination of Riddle of Steel, Dogs in the Vineyard, and Storyteller. I moved to Japan a year ago, and have just been skyping with my group. I know that this system can count successes on a d10, but in the Riddle of Steel, the target number changes as well as the number of dice. It's not like Storyteller where it's always a success on 8, 9, 10.

So, is there a way to have a macro with a popup window ask the number of successes, followed by the number of dice used?

I'm sort of guessing there isn't, since in the dice bag it requires you to check every side that's a success... =(


  • You're correct--right now, you set the successes when you define the roll. However, I've a strong feeling that will change. Demoing this over and over made me realize that the multi-select list wasn't the right (or at least only) way to go. I think it would be better with a choice of operator (<, >, or =) in addition to a value. What's more, there's an item on my enhancement list called, "Ad-hocrify rolls", which basically says that there needs to be a way to quickly adjust a roll at the time it's used--for instance, changing the success target. Probably won't be there for 1.0, but when I nail down other things and revisit the dice roller, I'll look at this.

    Thanks for your post!
  • That sounds like a really weird and cool system. As a fellow system hacker, I'd love to take a look. Any chance you'd have written anything up that you'd be willing to share?
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