Tokens showup in wrong place

one of my buddies has an issue!

when he places anything on the tabletop it appears to everyone else about 1/2 up and to the left of where he actually placed it. Can anyone tall me how to fix that issue?


And LordEnforcer also said (and John Lammers merged)....

I am currently playing an epic table game with 5 people. One of the people playing is having an issue. When he places his icon it shows about 1/2 inch up and to the left of where he sees it on his computer, and of course whatever the other members place on the map shows up about a 1/2 inch down and to the right on his screen.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how we can correct the issue?



  • I'll try to reproduce this tonight. In the meantime, I have a couple guesses. Two questions:

    1. Is there a difference with the one guy with respect to snap-to-grid

    2. Is there a difference between participants with respect to whether the ribbon (the thick band of menu stuff at the too of the window) is minimized or not?

    My guess is that either I'm sending the move message before applying the snap-to-grid settings (resulting in each participant applying his own settings), or I'm miscalculating the offset from the top of the map window when the ribbon is minimized. My money is on the latter (even though that's more annoying because it might not be my bug), because you talk about shifts up-left and down-right. I'd only expect shifts in one direction from a snap bug. In the other hand, I'd expect no left-right movement at all from a ribbon-related bug.

    If you have time, try the move once you've made sure both sides have the same setup with respect to whether the ribbon is shown and whether snap to grid is on. I'll do the same tonight.
  • Oh, and do you mind opening a ticket for this on the EpicTable Support site? I'd do it for you, but unless you've already signed in there, I can't associate the ticket with you so that you get notified of status changes.
  • If you could provide steps to reproduce this, it would really help. I both of my guesses appear to be wrong--or at least it's not that simple. I've been trying all sorts of combinations of the ribbon hidden/not, the portrait bar hidden/not, snap-to-grid on or off. It all works distressingly well for me. I've no doubt there's a problem. It's just not as straightforward as I thought.
  • Hey...any chance your grids aren't the same? There's an outstanding bug about the grid changes not getting broadcast. If your grids are different sizes, you'll see dramatically different things.
  • Ok here is what I see. I am on teamviewer on his computer at the same time.

    1- we both tried snap to grid on and off

    2- show grid in on and off

    3- the ribbon along to top looks the same on both computers

    4-grids are the same

    the token still show up about 1/2 to 1 inch to the upper left

    I will say this..if I draw on the tabletop or map it shows up in the right place but the tokens will not!
  • a ticket has been opened as well :)
  • Thanks! We'll get this sorted out over there.
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