Huzzah and Hello!

Hope this VT thing works out well.

I miss my old D&D buddies, but moving around the country with my wife while she served in the military has left me with few options for gaming anymore.

Tried a few MMO's over the years, but those are really not the same.

So, anyone have an idea how much $$ this might go for once beta is done?


  • I'm with you--I have the same issues with gaming. Time, geography, kids, all make it tough to keep a gaming group together. In recent years, I've gamed almost exclusively online. That's why I developed EpicTable.

    I've not announced pricing here on the site yet, but I've talked a lot about the pricing model...or so I thought, until I went looking for a link to send you. I talked a lot about it at Gen Con, I guess. I'll write a post about just that. In the meantime, think "Kitchen Table Pricing". You buy it, it's yours. You don't need to tell me who's playing. You don't need to be the GM just because it's your table. But it is your table, in your home, so you have to be there for the game to occur. There are nuances and room for "what ifs" but that's the basic gist. It won't be a subscription, though there may later be a separate subscription for additional, optional content or capabilities.
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