EpicTable on the Jennisodes Podcast


  • Awesome podcast!

    I love how it really focused on the ease-of-use and versatility of ET.

    I've heard the "RPG Layout" episode is really good as well.
  • Yeah, that "RPG Layout" episode is a tough act to follow.

    I love talking about EpicTable, and I hope that enthusiasm comes through. It was like being back at Gen Con.
  • Very nice job. Good job focusing on EpicTable being an electronic, leveled-up version of your kitchen table while not providing specific rules sets (which would lock it into an almost MMOesque niche). Think about it: when your group gathers around a kitchen table to play a game, you're not limited to what rules are carved into the table; you play whatever game you bring to the table.

    Also, I laughed at your comment about having never met any pandas, so you don't know if they might be jerks. Good stuff!
  • Finally found some time to listen to this podcast today. Well done, John! You explained things very well, got the key points across, and it was enjoyable to listen to.

    Thanks for the mention, too!

    I chuckled a bit when she asked you to talk about anything NOT related to EpicTable, and there seemed to be a brief awkward silence. After working on your VT day in and day out for years, talking about something else can be hard.:D
  • Thanks guys. The interview was fun. Jenn does a really nice job. She sort of projects informality and effortlessness, but she really has things pretty structured and well-planned. She releases episodes like clockwork, and I can appreciate how challenging that can be.
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