EpicTable Legacy of Fire, Episode 2: Raiding the Adventure PDF

The EpicTable Legacy of Fire series continues with a post on prepping NPCs and handouts by extracting images from the adventure PDF.


  • Excellent post sir! I read every one of these with enthusiasm as I'm doing close to the same thing, and right on the cusp of moving every thing to ET, vs DropBox - I'm really looking forward to the versatility that ET will give my game.

    popping up the images of the villains or friendly NPC's right before a big fight, then popping right back to a Map will be great! and, I was thinking... since the players will be using 'physical mini's' on plexi-glass in my game, I can use ET, to mark their positions on the map at the end of the night - (if we end mid battle... which might happen.)

    Thanks for taking the time to share the step by step of the prep, I think it's very cool and helps me as a GM see some 'best practices' on my game prep for ET as well.

    I use Adobe to extract the images... at first I was using the 'tool' that takes a pic of a selected bit of the pdf. but then found something that saved all the images in the .pdf to a folder, and then, after sifting through it, I got all the images that I wanted - with out having to do all the 'edits' to remove back ground and text and such.

    The Maps came out in a form that was closer to what I need the players to see also... (with out the location markers showing... e3, and such things.)

    Thanks again John.

    zWolf (wade)
  • Glad you're enjoying them. I'm finding that there's a lot that "I forgot to tell anybody" as I write these. It's sort of a good prelude to writing the documentation.

    re: the PDF image extraction, I'm using a similar thing and was pleasantly surprised at the side effect of having a player-ready map. I do wish the maps were a whole lot bigger. Clearly, they weren't intended for online use, and someone at Paizo must have a large or vector image of these.

    A kind of weird thing about the portraits and other images with transparency is that rather than nice clean PNGs, they're two images--a base image and a mask. If I put those together in an image editor, I get my perfectly clean image. This must be what is going on inside the PDF. Maybe they don't support transparency in the same way PNGs do.
  • With a lot of those maps, you can import them into an image editor (Photoshop or your open-source alternative) and choose the preferred image size. Print-ready pdfs are usually 300 dpi or higher, and screen resolution is 72 dpi.
  • Ooh--I'll have to try that.
  • Also, you have a friend who is pretty good at that kind of thing if you need help with it...
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