EpicTable Legacy of Fire, Episode 3: Cactus Forest Map


  • John, I just want you to know that I am getting a ton out of this series! thank you so much for doing the 'step by step' these are the exact kinds of things that I run into as I go through the process, and to see what you do to build your campaign REALLY helps!

    I have 'dabbled' in lots of VTT's over the last few years, and what you are doing, a sort of 'step by step to campaign creation' is what I have wished for in each rendition that I have looked at.

    it's daunting to sit in front of a suite of tools, and stare at a blank screen and not know really where to even start. Then, when you hit a little snag, (like the 'hard to select PC's' issue,) to see how some one else solved the issue is REALLY helpful. (in this case, the 'create a background img from the map',)

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!
  • I'm glad you're finding it helpful.

    It's actually pretty good for me. There are things that I wouldn't necessarily think to mention if I wasn't dealing with an example situation. I'm going to mine these for content when I write the docs.
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