Running Epic Table Two Computers - as separate users

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I was hoping to test out how what a 'player' would see when connecting by installing and using Epic Table on two machines, as two separate users.

on the machine I wanted to use as a 'test player' machine so that I could see what they would see, I uninstalled all instances of ET that I could find... but when I downloaded and re-installed the client - it automatically listed my old screen name, and had one of the games that I had either worked on, or logged into earlier, pop up in the 'My games' section.

Can you give some insight into how I'd get this to work? and perhaps why I'm having issues?

is my data left over from the un-install that tell's ET that I'm a 'former' / 'current' user, and signs me in as zWolf?

My Foggy brain is telling me that we may have talked about this before... but - my search fu is lacking... (or perhaps I failed to even try... )

any thoughts? thanks.

thanks for indulging me in the 'under the hood' discussion.


  • A couple things to know:

    1. All EpicTable data is local (for now).

    2. Like most apps, EpicTable doesn't remove your data when you uninstall. Otherwise, the uninstall/reinstall scenario would wipe out your data.

    3. Each EpicTable installation has a unique ID generated locally. There is currently no concept of a login. The ID is used only to let participants in a game direct messages to each other and to track resource "ownership". It has no value outside of the game in which it was used. This essentially means that you're a different "person" on every machine on which you install EpicTable. That's probably going to change, because there are several things I'd like to do that rely on a more "durable" user identity.

    Several people have asked about moving their data from one machine to another. I'm going to add some sort of import/export capability and perhaps online storage. In the meantime, all your stuff is under:


    You can just copy that to your other machine. Beware of moving it back and forth, though. It's easy to screw yourself up.

    One of the things on the potential features list is to allow you to have multiple profiles in EpicTable. You don't need two machines to run two separate instances of EpicTable. However, you do currently need two Windows users (because of the data stored in the directory given in #3, above). I test like this all the time--I'm logged in as John, but I launch EpicTable as Greg and Jason and Kara. I totally get the fact that asking people to setup separate Windows accounts and run EpicTable as those users is a bit much. I just hadn't anticipated anyone but me wanting multiple instances.
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