A great play session to day, using Epic Table.

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I held a play session at my home during a lunch break. A couple of my friends are planning on coming over each week on Thursdays and playing the Pathfinder Adventure Path 'Carrion Crown'.

Today we started with the opening to chapter one of six, 'The Haunting of HarrowStone'.

It went great! I had a table set up, and Josh and Trevor sat on the couch, with their books, and character sheets in front of them. I sat across from them and put maps up on the big screen, and showed 'handouts' of the Art work that was pertinent to the scene. (this will save TON'S on printing costs!)

They are each running 2 Characters, and the first Sceen has 12 Villagers, a burial procession, a priest and his two alcolytes... so, a lot of 'bits'.

Epic Table was able to get them all in position fairly quickly and it was nice to have every thing visually represented.

here's a shot of how that grave yard Scene looked:

We only have an hour, and we'd done a bit of polishing of character building before we started, so we really only got through that one encounter. It still allowed for some great roll play moments, and I was exited that even in my 'learning state' that the technology seemed to enhance, rather than 'bog down' the play session.

Next week they will spend some time in town, I'm pretty stoked about how Epic Table, will handle the Town Map - (here's a shot, I put the pin's and labels on the prominent buildings, it really didn't take to long, and I think it will add greatly to the visualization of the scene.)

the added bonus to using Epic Table, is that, one of the guy's is going to have to be out of town for a couple of months, he will have a laptop, and internet with him whilst he's away, and we hope to continue playing once a week via Epic Table and Ventrillo (Voice Chat.)

I may post updates here as we keep playing, if there is interest.


  • Thanks for posting this, Wade. It looks awesome. Are those maps from the Carrion Crown PDF? They look fantastic in your screenshots. Did you do any pre-processing to them? I found that I've had decent luck changing the DPI as per Brennen's post a week or so ago.
  • Yes, those are all from the Carrion Crown PDF, it's an adventure I'm really enjoying. I'm running my second group through it now and I think we are all having a blast.

    I was quite happy with most of the maps as well, I use Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro to 'Bulk Extract' the images from the Adventure Path PDF, ( Advanced / Document processing / Export all images ) which puts about 600 items in a folder.. I then 'select all' and go through and remove all the trash - (the page decoration images that are on about each page get pulled into this folder,) When I am done it leaves about 70 images which includes Maps, Character, Item and Monster Images, and the 'cool art' from the book. I go through and Label them, and then sort them into folders, similar to how you suggested in your 'Blog post' about preparing for a game session.

    This makes it quite easy to pull the assets into the game. When I come to a character, I hit the button in ET, fill in the name, and click on the 'image' area, select my image. ( I have a few 'stock' profile images, in there too for characters that don't have art work in the PDF.) and PRESTO, new character that I can put on the character bar to track the turn order, or put on the map to track location.

    It's really slick.

    Same thing goes for Maps, and Items that I want to add as Player Hand outs.

    So to answer your question, no, I haven't done any image pre processing once I extract them from the PDF, but perhaps I should? I haven't noticed any issues yet.

    I would like to read that post from Brennen about some pre-processing, because I really haven't done much.

    One thing I quite like, is that by extracting the images in this manner, it pulls the 'location A, B, C' information right off of the Maps, thus making great player maps, I have the 'GM info in the PDF, so I can run describe what happens, and avoid the breaking of the wall of immersion when a player says, ''lets go to area C3!". :-P

    I should mention that this method does leave the 'S' for secret doors on the maps, and I have pulled a couple of the Maps into Photo shop and made various edits to them to remove 'S' and the secret areas and such until a time when the players discover them. (I'll admit, when I do that, it makes me eager to see the ET fog of war additions for 2.0 :-) ) For now, I just thank my lucky stars for the 'clone stamp' tool of Photoshop!

    So Far, I haven't noticed much 'lag' BUT, I'm only running this on my nice gaming rig at home, With no player machines connected, there's not much chance of failure.

    I DID get one really big 'detailed' map of the whole continent, I didn't check it's size, but, I also didn't notice any slow down... it was nice to have such a large piece to work with - to be able to zoom right down into a section of the map and have all the minor towns available to see, but if I did notice any slow down, that would be the first image to get tweaked, (or nixed.)

    I'm looking at going 'remote' with this adventure in the next few weeks, (see my post in the new 'looking for games' forums,) so, I really should look at ways to 'trim the fat' as far as the map images go I suppose. I'll look for Brennan's post.

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