favorite voice chat?

does anyone have a favorite voice chat that they use with ET?

I have skype and G+ hangout. I was just wondering what sort of results folks were having with the various voice chat systems out there?


  • I know that John uses Skype - I have a Ventrillo Server that some friends of mine use to play on, it has a 35 user licence, but rarely are there more than 10 people on it.

    I have set up several rooms that the Epic Table crowd is welcome to use, I can set up a seperate room for your group also, and add a password to the room if you'd like.

    ( I can offer that because so far, demand has been 'low' :-)

    here is a link to a thread discussing various voice chat options, it has all the information that you'd need to get ventrillo, and use my server.


    or to skip all that, just go to Wade's home page, and on the left in the main window you'll see the Ventrillo Server panel where you can connect. (as long as you already have the ventrillo software installed.
  • That's very cool of you, Wade.

    I've used Skype, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, and Google+ Hangout. I don't know that I have a strong opinion. I think I like the "room" metaphor of TeamSpeak and Ventrilo better than the Skype group concept. For my games, it doesn't matter much because we sort of all arrive at the same time and I usually just call a Skype group that I've setup. That's at least 50% inertia--I'm just used to Skype, and while I've had good experiences and bad experiences with all of them, Skype's a bit more universal, so I rarely have to ask anyone to install anything new if I'm using Skype. (Though I guess you could say that about Google+ Hangouts too, but it's new enough that some people aren't using it yet.)
  • I just read a 'Ventrillo vs Mumble' article that just about has me convinced to switch over. (well, that article, and the fact that I received an e-mail from my Ventrillo host saying that I can auto switch back and forth between the two, heh.)

    Here is the Article: http://wow.joystiq.com/2010/07/18/ventrilo-vs-mumble/

    I'm going to see if any of the 'regular users' of my server will have any issue with trying mumble out... that 'auto balance' feature is a real WIN in my book... I hate the 'blast the ear drums' issue that happens in Ventrillo chat occasionally.
  • Not a big fan of the full duplex stuff(Hangout, Skype) but often use it. Something about sitting there playing and listening to the guys wife talking on the phone etc. Push to talk for me is a lot better. However since i run a game that is all female.. hangout with cameras is great! =)
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