is there a virtual players/games wanted section?

looking for folks to test with for know to keep the clumsiness of learning the system down to a minimum during actual gameplay.


  • So far, people have just been posting in this forum that they are interested in running a game, and others chime in that they would like to play, and a dialog starts on setting a time and dates that work for the groups.

    That said, I think now that there is a semi open beta going on, that's probably a great idea to get a forum or something dedicated to hooking up players and GM's.
  • Yeah, you're right. At one time, that function was covered by other sites, like FUM, really well. There are sites out there that do matching, but EpicTable is so new, that it probably makes sense to create a forum section here.

    Or here: Players/Games Wanted.
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