Docking and undocking UI elements

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I see there is an option to lock or unlock the panes - is that to allow one to pull a pane to a second display? If so, how do you actually do it? I've tried the obvious stuff (grabbing panes near their tops and moving the mouse around wildly :) ) but to no avail.


  • Panes, yes; tabs not yet.

    I know--the distinction shouldn't matter, and it won't, but it does right now. You can unlock and then move, redock, etc., with the "dice tray" (the panel with dice that's at the bottom by default), the character portrait bar, and the chat pane. Once they're unlocked, hovering near the top of the pane causes a titlebar to appear, which you can use to drag them around.

    In a coming beta build, you'll be able to pull the tabs (which contain maps and tabletops) off and redock them or whatever. They're actually a completely different type of GUI-Thing, much to my displeasure. I've prototyped pulling them off, redocking, etc. It's just not quite ready for prime time. It'll be there in 1.0 though--probably sometime in the next couple beta builds.
  • Ah, that is exceptionally cool! Took a little playing, but I see how it works now.

    Thank you! I don't know that I would have thought of the hover/wait strategy. Guess I'm not that patient this week. :rolleyes:
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