A question for Brennen Reece


Why was your old website, "Pixels & Polyhedrons" (http://pixelsandpolyhedrons.ning.com/), decommissioned?

Do you have any plans to ever bring it back? If not, how come?


  • Hey Heruca,

    A few reasons:

    After the initial boom, P&P slowed to a crawl. Then Ning was extremely unstable for months, and I could only log in maybe 20% of the time. Then they changed their business model and started charging for what was initially a free service.

    Then Sarah and I had a kid and EVERYTHING changed. I'm only now getting to the point where I'm able to think of myself as a maker again.

    Do you think there's still an audience for it?

  • Ah, I didn't realize it was no longer a free service. Given the low traffic that there was before, I'm not sure it would be worth bringing it back unless it were free to do so.

    Ah well, if I need to look up some old posts, there's always Wayback Machine.

    Congrats on the kid. Yes, that has a tendency to change everything. :D
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