Had our First Epictable game .

Hello Forums, and Thank you john for such a wonderful program. Iv been playing tabletop off and on the last 5 years mostly because of the players in our group of gamers had trouble meeting at a location consistently, and when we did meet they where mostly one shots because of this, and it didnt appeal well to everyone.

So for the last year or so iv been looking into a "VT" systems that was far enough along or usable with out tons of PC skills that would work well with our crowd. Im not sure if i just missed epic table in the past or it was not at the level of development its at now, but a few weeks ago i came across Epictable.

Of course like most traditional players they was turned off about the idea of tabletop not being played in person but i got a few who was willing to try , and few new players from my guilds in MMO's. So we are a group of 5 , Me being GM, 2 exp. players and, 2 new players.

My group mostly played Savage Worlds systems, and the one we are trying this out with is 50 fathoms, A pirate Campaign. It took a bit before we could get the Wild die to work Because it would not show the correct sum if the wild die total was higher than the number of the bigger die-types number . But we figured it out and got the total to show correctly and just ignored the X's it would put on the wrong dice.We used http://www.wcawijngaards.dds.nl/sw_gen/sw_gen.html to make our Character sheets, and that worked well as we could import the complete webpage into epictable. Map movement was messed up for a bit , but one of the players noticed beta 16 was out and we all had 15 so once we got that the movement worked much faster .

Our first game went very well , a little slower than usall as the new players was learning as we went along, and people had to keep making Dice cups for the Rolls they didnt think of before hand. Other than that it went smooth we was able to play mostly within the savage worlds rule system. The players were able to roleplay in ventrilo as well as chats, GM private tells was a big plus for me as , playing it in person if one person made it, then everyone herd it and ya had to act like you didnt lol. The exp. players loved it and was happy to be in a campaign again, the new players loved it and wondered why they hadnt tried this before, and i enjoyed running it with a system that had most of my tools needed.

That being said there are some tool that i would love to have , that im sure your already working on john or have been mentioned already, but ill mention them anyway just in case. Fog of War, players not being able to see Gms players stats when on the map, Card deck initiative for savage worlds users,

being able to mark on map tokens or in portrait bar, to show player injury or status etc etc, Smaller Dice in the chat box. Thats all i can think of atm , but like i said you prob are already working on some of these, they might even be in the game and i just dont know how to use it.

Again ty for a awesome program for people like me who are limited by distance to play with thier friends in tabletop fashion, and ill update and post as i get more into the game or come across anything id like to see or figure out how to use. Sorry for the Wall of Text lol.


  • Thanks for posting Thadictator! I'm glad EpicTable is working out for you.

    Your wishlist is dead-on. I'm not sure how much of it will make the 1.0 release, but everything you have there is on my to-do list.
  • Looks like you have a cool game going. Thanks for posting these.
  • Wow. Those screenshots are really cool! Keep 'em coming.
  • Hello again Just updating my post. We had our second game last night that went much smoother now that everyone had there dice cups already set. We did run into a few more things that would be nice to have , and again you might have this in the works already, But it seemed like all the players private tables would go away when they log, but the GM's doesn't. Not sure if that's intended or not. Also when i load up a transparent image sometimes its not transparent to them. Like the AOE cone/blast radius templetes so we can see who gets hit and who doesnt. Not sure if that's a type of file issue or just not ready yet for it to do. But other than that we had no problems. Here are a few more screenshots from the game.

    Image of the First newsletter sent out by the New Government

    Stats of there First Newly Stolen Ship lol

    Them Stealing a Ship

    Them enter a Savage Race Campsite

    A Screen Shot of our Shared Table top that has, all of the rules they need, and Each toons Background Story.
  • These are awesome. Thanks for posting.

    Regarding your question about private tabletops not being saved for people other than the GM: It's a long story. Basically, these started as GM-only and it struck me that they're good for everyone...but only the GM had been expecting to have private resources to save. I fixed that with respect to dice cups, but not the rest (yet).
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