Just used it today

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So I used this today to test run. I ran a full module, and it worked out really well, as a matter of fact this tool is fantastic, but I do have a few questions.

Is there a way to make it where only the GM can add notes to the table top? Also, I do not like how any member can move any piece, is there a way to change that as well?


  • You cannot control visibility of individual notes. However, you can create a private tabletop and put your notes there. I usually create a private tabletop, rename it GM notes and use index cards for monsters or encounters, put my dice rolls there, etc.
  • Hey Vlob,

    We get a lot of requests from folks who want to keep their players from moving things around or adding things. Here's my answer to that, and keep in mind that I'm only the lowly creative director, while John does all the actual work AND wears a beaver-fur hat with elk horns (the latter statement may or may not be true).

    Our main focus is on creating a platform that emphasizes what you can do rather than what you cannot, specifically in emulating and enhancing the experience you'd have around a real, physical table. We prefer to spend our limited time and resources doing things like implementing fog-of-war and card decks.

    I'd probably just ask them as nicely as possible not to move things around or add things onto the tabletop since it distracts everyone from making the most of their gaming time. Kind of the same way you'd do it if you have a compulsive dice fidgeter or sms addict at your real table. Prefacing your request with "I don't mean to be a jerk, and it's not really a huge deal, but..." always seems to work well for me.
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