Beta 17 Coming Soon

Just a quick note to let you guys know that beta 17 is on the way. It has quite a bit in it, including a fix for at least some of the image access errors I’m seeing via the automated reporting mechanism. (Thanks for reporting these, by the way.) At this point, I've locked the beta-17 feature set and am just testing and addressing that showed up with a beta-17 release candidate in my Thursday night game. In the coming days, I’ll post details about beta 17…and fight the urge to slip in just one more thing. ;)


  • Heads-up, everyone

    I've been in contact with John (who is currently unavailable) to inform him of the corrupted setup file issue with Beta 17. Rest assured he'll take care of this as soon as his schedule opens back up.
  • Follow-up heads-up, everyone

    Beta 17 is now ready to be downloaded and installed. Game on!

    Thanks for the quick work, John!
  • Thanks for jumping in here, Koshkovich.

    If nothing else, this makes a good story:

    This release day was run entirely on my DroidX phone and my iPod...well, and Koshkovich.

    I triggered the publish as I ran out the door to take my daughter to The Fresh Beat Band concert.

    While waiting for the show to start, I posted announcements about beta 17 to this forum, support forum etc. Almost immediately, during the concert, I got an email from Koshkovich saying the download was corrupted.

    After asking him to inform the EpicTable community on my behalf, I pulled out my iPad, logged into my development desktop, and found that the size of the file on the download site was wrong. I triggered another upload--problem solved. I went back to watching the concert with my daughter while waiting for a re-test from Koshkovich.

    Pretty cool that that's possible.
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