• Thanks for Beta 18! I'm looking forward to using it.

    I may be mistaken (or need to clear my cache,) but when I clicked on the 'how do I get the beta' link... it took me to leviathan (17).

    I'll follow up once I get 18 running.

    Thanks for the updates John!!
  • It looks like the link at the bottom works - it takes you to 18, just the one at the top still points to 17. (that may be planned.)
  • Thanks for the heads up on the link. It's fixed now.
  • ty for the updated patches really helping with the game play . We have run into a prob and maybe its just set up different now and i haven't figured it out, but we seem to no longer be able to send private messages to each other now.The everyone tab wont click off for some reason.
  • I'll check it out. Nothing's changed in that part of the UI, so I'm surprised.... I can't think of how the recent changes would affect whispers, and I'm pretty sure I used them as recently as last week.
  • Hi Thadictator,

    At first, I thought this might be UI confusion, because the way the control I'm using marks "Everyone" as an invalid choice once you select specific individuals is a bit odd. However, you were right--even though I had no trouble selecting individuals to whisper to, the "whispers" were showing up in everyone's window.

    I've opened a ticket on your behalf in the support forum and am treating this as top priority--you have to be able to trust whispers.
  • Fixed as an update to beta 18 -

    Posted now. Just download and run the installer.
  • Wow first of all thank you for looking into this and being able to fix it so quickly im very impressed. Whispers is one of the biggest perks for a GM on a VT cause unlike at a actual tabletop where everyone just has to act like they didn't hear you say it lol i can give info to people who only need to get it, esp in a campaign that im running where your a pirate and not exactly a "good guy". Looking for forward to my next session and thank you again.
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