[DDN] Open Playtest

On May, 24th, WotC starts the public playtest of D&D Next. At this stage, his playtest consists of a demo adventure, five pre-rolled characters, and documents with rules for players and DMs.

I want to check out this playtest either as player or DM and using EpicTable for the purpose. I don't know the size of the included adventure - it could well be a single shot affair.

Anyone interested should hop over to the WotC site and sign up for the playtest, if he hasn't done so already.

So, who's ready to roll where nobody has rolled before?

Ah, did I already mention the catch? As I won't move to the US for the purpose of this playtest, playing time will be on weekday evenings GMT. My schedule allows playing from 7 pm to 11-12 pm.

Please state your interest as a reply in this thread. I'll make a similar announcement at ENWorld, redirecting any takers to this forum as well. You can follow that discussion on ENWorld.

Huldvoll winkend

---Jan van Leyden


  • Hi Jan,

    Unfortunately I can't commit to anything ongoing, but I would be interested in playing a game or two. I'm signing up to the playtest and downloading materials at the moment :-)

    My timezone is +10 GMT, so it would make it about a 5am start, but that's fine once or twice :-D


  • Well, we're out of luck for the time being... :eek:

    The Playtest FAQ states pretty clearly the online usage of the playtest material is not allowed for the time being.

    Thanks for your interest and let's hope for a more favorable development!
  • Wow.... That's really a shame, and unexpected. I'd have thought that they'd welcome input from online gamers.
  • Yeah I noticed that too but haven't had a chance to post until now. Ah well, I guess we'll have to wait. Although, I haven't been able to download the material anyway, the link that was emailed to me doesn't work.

    I agree John, it does seem odd. Perhaps they're taking 'protectionism' to the extreme, although I don't know what preventing VTT play would really be protecting ... c'est la vie :-)
  • Okay wait.

    "No, you may not run an online game on third parties sites at this time."

    This is a quote from the FAQ telling me that I cannot run a game on a third party site. They do not say I cannot us a VTT.

    A follow-up question on the FAQ said this: "No, you will not be able to run a playtest using the Virtual Table." I took this as I couldn't use their VT to run a game. I couldn't find anything that told me I couldn't run the game over my choice of VTT program.

    Please if there is something that tells me otherwise, I'd like to see it. Otherwise I was still planning on playing this online.
  • Having now re-read the FAQ, I agree that it is at least a grey area.

    Also, interestingly, the "Online Playtest Agreement" makes no mention of VTT, email, Skype etc, and I think ultimately that's the specific "legal" agreement. I imagine it could be argued that the FAQ has no legal grounds.

    But, having said all that, for me, I will choose the more stringent interpretation as being what I think they actually intended to be the meaning (based on their history as a company). I don't agree with their choice, and I don't think it's in the best interest of the game or the industry as a whole, but I respect their right to make that choice as they see fit.

    I was going to try sending an email or posting a question on a forum, asking for clarification, but that doesn't seem to be an easy task. I can't find an email address to send to, and the forum community requires yet another sign up/registration process (that's the third area of Wizards.com I've encountered that needs a separate registration!)

    .... and now I've lost interest altogether :-)
  • GECampbell;2666 wrote: Please if there is something that tells me otherwise, I'd like to see it. Otherwise I was still planning on playing this online.

    There has been a clarification in the meantime whichis good enough for me. :)

    Anyway, sorry for my silence but at the end of my current RL project, things have gotten a bit hectic. Come tomorrow the Release Candidate will be out of the door although without being signed-off by me. I'll catch one or two good nights of sleep and will organize this game next week. The last week of June seems to be perfect to actually play.


    Jan van Leyden
  • Remaining interested.
  • Okay, here we go!

    I've set up the gametable called "DDN: A glimpse of the future" using EpicTable Beta 20. My screen name is the same as in this forum, Jan van Leyden.

    In order to play in this game you have to:

    1. Download EpicTable

    2. Download the DDN Playtest package

    3. Write a post in this thread and select a character (first come, first served)

    4. Set your alarm clock to 7pm GMT on Monday, June 25th.

    Voice Chat

    My default voice chat tool would be Skype, but I'm open to try something different. If anyone of the players has experiences with other programs, I'd be glad to hear about it - as long as I don't have to perform complicated rituals to set up a dedicated server. :)

    My first table

    For those players completely new to EpicTable I'm willing to run a learning session beforehand. Please contact my via PM if you want to make use of this offer.


    I'll send the invitations to the game table as PM on these boards by default. If you prefer another, real e-mail address, please send me a PM.


    I've set the starting time for the game to 7pm GMT, but I'm somewhat flexible, especially at the first date. If you want to change the time within reason, we should discuss it in this thread.

    Be Nice to Your DM! ;)

    If this playtest proves to be enjoyable, I'll have some other games I'd love to run...

    Looking forward to play with you!

    ---Jan van Leyden
  • I am interested in the cleric of Pelor.
  • RobertSullivan;2699 wrote: I am interested in the cleric of Pelor.

    Okay, he's yours to play! Let's see how long he'll last.:cool:

    Huldvoll winkend

    Jan van Leyden
  • With only one player prepared to take part in this playtest game, I'm gonna cancel it. :(

    Thanks, Robert, for your interest.


    Jan van Leyden
  • Sorry Jan,

    I probably would have signed up. But the time was bad for me. Don't give up on Epic Table. It is an excellent product and getting better.
  • I would have played as well but I havnt been visiting this site as often and didnt see this post. I signed up to play two games and the people running the games (and making the posts) just never responded even after people wanted to play- Hence I kinda started coming here sporadically.

    I REALLY miss tabletop gaming and now that I am older I do not know people who play =(

    This would be a fantastic way to get my gaming fix...I will start checkiing in here weekly and hopefully if you decide to do another playtest I will see it.

  • I hope you guys are able to get something going. I'd jump in, but...you know, EpicTable and all that. I can barely keep up with my own group.

    @DavidB - Thanks for the kind words. It's not that I didn't notice earlier--I was just having an "aw shucks" reaction and felt like I was eavesdropping.:o
  • John Lammers;2712 wrote: I hope you guys are able to get something going. I'd jump in, but...you know, EpicTable and all that. I can barely keep up with my own group.

    Don't you dare playing when you should develop EpicTable! :p

    I've sort of lost interest in the D&DN playtest in the meantime and will focus on something different in the near future. But, no guys, I won't move over to the states so the time-zone problem will persist.

    By the way, John. I just noted that you're up to 999 posts. What about a special jubilee post? :D


    Jan van Leyden
  • I feel ya :D I miss TT playing too, but nobody seems to play. Or they don't have "time" whatever, so [email]iwanttoplay@gmx.com[/email] I'm trying to get a VTT game together of people who don't care what they play as long as we are playing something :D
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