Hello Savage Worlds

I moved across the country and am looking for a VT to connect with my old friends back in Ohio.

I'm interested in trying some games of Savage Worlds though. Particularly Deadlands.

I'm married and have a daughter. That's about it.


  • Welcome! I'm originally from Ohio too. I started working on EpicTable after a sort of "gaming group reunion weekend". We tried to finish the game online via Skype and then some other tools, but nothing was quite doing it for us. It's taken longer than I would have imagined, but I'm happy to report that my old gaming group has been playing online on EpicTable for the last year. It's been great reforming that group. That's what EpicTable is all about.
  • Hey doc,

    Well im not from Ohio lol, but i can give you some insight on how savage worlds works on Epic table. Me and my group of 5 have been running a rebuilt version of 50 fathoms on Epictable for a about 4 months now. We haven't had to many problems (besides the ones we have created our selfs). Wild die works fine on ET, we found a site that will allow us to build character sheets and upload them into ET. The only real issue is not having the card deck for initiative, but there are tons of conversion charts online to counter that for now. Fog of war again can be somewhat countered by uploading a black image and moving it to reveal more map. Other than that we can run savage worlds very well on ET. we use ventrillo on top of the in game chat for communication.

    I know its not Deadlands but your more than welcome to join our game or if anything watch in on a session to see how it works and put your own game together. If there is anything i can help ya with on how certain things work on Epictable from a savage worlds stand point feel free to ask .

    P.S. John are we getting close to the next patch ?!?!?! :)
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