I'm new!

Just found this product when a friend suggested it and we're trying it out.

We were talking about the product and a few things we like and dislike, and since this is in beta, I was told to toss the options out there. Who knows, maybe someone else will like them?

Would I do that here? Or is there a specific place I go for that?

Thanks much! :)



  • Welcome. You've found the right place for EpicTable discussion. If you have feature requests or support questions, you can open support tickets and ask questions at the support site: support.epictable.com.
  • I asked to myself the same question, and take a few time looking for the answer.

    So i suggest to add a question "how to help or reports bugs ?" in the FAQ, and/or a Special topic in this forum, and/or a special page in the website. ;)
  • That's a really good suggestion. There's something a little like that in the support site article, "Calling All Beta Testers", but it's a little buried.

    I'm actually a little conflicted about the the support site. I tried managing bug reports and feature requests via the forum and it was a complete disaster--trying to keep things from getting lost was horrible. The support site has helped a lot, but I'm not sure how many people make it over there.

    I really want to cut down on the number of different EpicTable sites one has to be aware of. There's the main site, this forum, and the support site. It's a little ridiculous, but they each fill a role. I'm open to suggestions.
  • I think you really need a bug tracker tool to manage this; you can use it both for bugs and improvements.

    Your support is such a tool; you have requests, known issues, etc. Not bad.

    A classic forum is not made for this. Perhaps it can be a way to collect users requests, no more.

    I am myself a developer; we use Mantis bugtracker, i find it perfect for us, except for two things :

    it's an independant database, so users need to register specially for this, just like your support.

    The second thing is that it's a little technical, so basic users can be affraid by it.
  • I agree. A basic forum just doesn't work for support. I looked at Mantis, but I came to the same conclusion you did--it's pretty techie-looking. ZenDesk (which is what support.epictable.com is) is the most approachable one I found.
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