Beta 20: Map Updates, Episode I

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Hopefully, this is old news for all of you. I released beta-20 last week and announced it on the main site. Beta 20 announcement

I normally announce it here in the Announcement section of the forum too in case any of you have an RSS feed of that or only frequent the forums. If beta-20 is news to you, please accept my apology. It's been a wild couple weeks.


  • Just as a random thought - I know what it's like for daytime living to get in the way of project! Have you considered doing something like KickStarter to get funding to make this the day job to complete? Or, to make it easier to take some time?

    Just a random thought I had this morning.
  • Oh, man, if I thought a kickstarter (or anything else) could make EpicTable my day job, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

    I do have some thoughts about a kickstarter for some EpicTable extensions that would be financially risky to do otherwise, due to the art and graphic design necessary to achieve the quality level I want for them.
  • The great thing with something like KickStarter is that you figure out what you need, and drive your kickstarter campaign to that. If you don't get enough pledged, no money is taken, and you are no worse off than now. If you DO get enough pledged, you have the resources you will need.

    Also, those additions could be "stretch goals" in a Kickstarter campaign.
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