Beta 21 is out


  • That's one awesome Update! lot's of cool stuff in there, the 'focus attention' feature is a huge win!

    Loved your pic of the "Erase-by-Pixel Hydra". :-P

    honestly, too many good things to mention, let the awesomeness continue!

  • Just a heads up: There's an issue with beta 21 that is preventing people from creating new games. I believe I already have a fix and will post it shortly. Thereafter, I'll give this beta some additional testing. However, a this point a quick fix will make things better than the version currently posted.

    Stay tuned.
  • There's a fix for this posted.

    Its full version number, if you're looking at the file properties is

    This fix also addresses the issue of the missing license files.

    My apologies to those who already downloaded and had trouble.

    -- John
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