Beta 21 Update

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There's an update to beta 21 available. You can read about it an download it from:

Beta 21 Update: A Squelching of Small Evils


  • John Lammers;2738 wrote: Beta 21 Update: A Squelching of Small Evils[/URL]

    I originally read that as "...A Squelching of Small Elvis."

    I was quite intrigued. Hah! :-P

    I'm exited for your Visit to Gen Con! I wish I was going with! I'll have to settle for PAX at the end of the month though. Perhaps NEXT year though - If I plan that way now, I think i'll be up for it then!

    G'luck! May your Squelching of Evils, or Elvis go well sir!!
  • That would have made a much more entertaining post.
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