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Say - now that Version 1.0 is 'out the door', I figured I'd start pestering about 'future versions'.

this 'may' be possible with some tweaking already, but I'm wondering if assigning custom graffix to 'dice' sides would be something that we might be able to do in future versions of ET.

It might be simply a matter of messing with the grafic files assigned to each side of the dice, changing the existing #'s with the symbols of the custom dice. but it's most likely much more complex than that.

Either way, it would be nice for some of those od'ball games that choose to do that.

(I'm looking at you Warhammer Fantasy new Dice intensive version.)

And apparently Fantasy Flight is going the same route with Star Wars Edge of the Empire.

I traded a convention copy of the 'not yet released' Iron Kingdoms RPG Rule book that I'd picked up at PAX - for a Beta version of the new Star Wars Game Book:

Much to the chagrin of some, and enjoyment of others, this version is going to go with a 'custom dice' mechanic much like what FF did with their take on Warhamer Fantasy. Personally, I found the custom dice slowed down the actual game play - but I figure as folks got better at adding up their success, subtracting the 'blocks' from enemies, and adding in situational modifiers it 'might' smooth out and get out of the way.

So, for good or bad, it 'looks' like that is the direction that FF is headed.

here is a shot of the Dice that they are looking to use:

So, there's my long post to see how hard it would be to let us 'create' custom dice faces... I'd be looking just for something that I could just 'count' on the table top... nothing automated to figuring out success or what not... we can do that at the virtual table, just like we would around the game table at my house.

Thanks for looking at this.
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