EpicTable is backing the Game Master's Campaign Fantasy Art Kit


  • Great !

    But i'm not sure to understand, between the licence on kickstarter and what said Shockbolt here : http://www.epictable.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2806&postcount=7

    Will the minimap kit be available on EpicTable ?
  • I have the same question, actually. I'll integrate into EpicTable whatever I'm licensed to integrate. I'm unclear on whether things "provided with all base Fantasy art kits" will actually be part of the base kit, and therefore licensed to EpicTable, or whether they're just supplied free of charge in addition to the base kit. Naturally, I hope for the latter, because I'd love to get as much into EpicTable as I can.
  • The Minimap art kit will be part of/merged with the base Fantasy art kit, so that will allow Epictable to integrate the Minimap kit together with the base Fantasy art kit.

    The Minimap kit requires some work done manually by Game Masters, such as drawing roads, rivers, lakes, borders etc.
  • Really great !!!:)
  • Ya, I don't know if I posted this anywhere else, but I was VERY happy that Epic Table decided to take advantage of this offer. It's gonna be so cool to have such an epic library to chose from. Have you seen some of Raymond's work? it's phenomenal.

    Very Happy about this.
  • John,

    Do you know if Raymond intends to provide the minimap kit prior to the full release?

  • Actually, I don't know. Last I remember, he was talking about March....
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