Long time, no see

Hi folks,

I have to shamefully admit that I dropped off the radar after EpicTool's release. Anyway, looking at the forum and the support site, everything seems awfully quiet around here.

I hope everything's well for you, John, and the other regulars.

Huldvoll winkend

[INDENT]---Jan van Leyden[/INDENT]


  • Everything's fine. Thanks for stopping by.

    Things have been a little quiet. Part of that is that I'm heads down on an update--either a 1.0.25 or 1.1, depending on how much sneaks in. It's turned into a bigger deal than I'd planned, but I'm pretty happy with the direction.

    While working on that, I've not been very good about posting here. I have a bad habit of making forecasts that don't turn out to be true when I do that. :o I've also felt like talking about the future features was bad form while I was working on an update with bug fixes and minor enhancements.

    Oh--and my wife and I adopted our second child from South Korea. That had an impact. On the positive side, I can say that EpicTable has been in development on 3 continents!
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