using 2 computers. a 'prep' machine and a 'use' box.

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I think I once knew this information, but I am finding that I am using my desk top to 'prep' my games, and then I want to use my tablet (which is a desktop in a tablet yay,) to run the game. I'm using a 3rd 'player box' at the table for my face to face players.

Anyway, I'm looking for a solution for synchronizing my preparation desk top files with my Tablet that I use to actually run the game.

I'm thinking that I can use Drop Box, and that it will sync my files up.

I need to know a) where the files are at. (I think it's in user/mydocuments or something... this is the tidbit I forgot.)

and b) it would be useful to know if anyone else is using ET in a similar fashion (a prep box and a 'use' box) and how they do it.

oh.. and c) is there an easy way to have ET look in a different place for the files .. i.e. a drop box folder that get's synchronized.




  • Hey zWolf,

    I've been doing prep and play on separate machines too, and I've also had a computer failure recently, so I've been doing it against my will a bit as well.

    What I'm about to tell you is what I do. It works. It's not "The EpicTable Way" in that it's messing around with specific file locations and error prone, etc. Configuring your storage directory will become a real feature in the near future--probably the next release, and I plan on putting mine in a Dropbox folder, so you're just running a little ahead.

    For now, the unofficial advice is:

    All the EpicTable files you care about are under your AppData folder (usually, it's C:Users?AppData) and AppData is a hidden system file, so you have to make those visible in your Explorer settings to see it. The full path is (by default):


    The files and directories you really care about under here are:




    I've been successful moving those over. The cache directory isn't strictly necessary, but would save your re-fetching those.

    Please understand that none of this is tested, except for the fact that I did it myself on a couple of occasions. What will happen in probably the next release (1.1, which will be a free upgrade and isn't too, too far away) is that you'll be able to just go into the settings dialog and choose the directory where you want to store your stuff.

    Also, please note that I haven't tested this with Dropbox at all, and I've had other "live" files get corrupted when they're in Dropbox. (Not much--Dropbox is usually problem free, but my OneNote files got messed up. I blame this more on OneNote than Dropbox, but it made me make a mental note to test it well and to read about what Dropbox considers "playing nice".)

    If you do try it with Dropbox (or any other sync tool), please keep the following in mind:

    • If you edit your EpicTable files from two instances of EpicTable at once, you might rip a hole in the space-time continuum, and when the Old Ones come for you, I'm afraid EpicTable cannot be held responsible.

    • This use of Dropbox (if it works) is for sync'ing from you to you. It's not for sync'ing resources out to the players. That's a planned feature, but it's a little more delicate. (See note on space-time rifts.)

    If you get yourself into normal, earthly trouble, I'm happy to help you out.

    Oh--one final thing: licensing. EpicTable is licensed to an individual, not a computer. So there's nothing at all wrong with your putting it on any machine you want, provided you are the one using it. That said, there's a limit on the number of activations your key will give you. This is a safeguard against an EpicTable key getting loose in the wild, not an indication that I care how many computers you have.
  • Very awesome response sir! I'll use care in the use of these unofficial suggestions, as I'd like to NOT be the one responsible for unleashing "A monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face is a mass of feelers, with a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow wings"

    care will most DEFINITELY be taken... who knows... I 'might' even go so far as to back stuff up... :-P

    I do appreciate the directory listings, I'll let you know how this works for me... I plan to use the default locations for use, and then just move the files onto drop box, for the transport, moving them to the appropriate location on the play box. As long as I do 'back ups' in case of corruption the Space Time continuum 'should' remain safe.

    ALSO, thanks for the mention on one note, I'll be using that pretty heavily this summer for my job doing estimates, AND knowing that there may be an issue with corruption, REALLY helps me remember to back up - and seriously, you may have saved me HUGE issues on that front, I really appreciate the tip.

    (I had an issue on my iPad once with a similar program, and it was very frustrating.)

    thanks again! your improvements sound VVonderfull!

    zWolf -out.
  • I love OneNote. My only problem is that I really need it on my iPad. I started using Outline+ on the iPad, which syncs to OneNote via DropBox. It's really pretty and somewhat faithfully replicates the OneNote experience. We were very happy together until a couple of my big, EpicTable design OneNote files wouldn't open--in fact, prevented OneNote from even starting successfully.

    I've gone back to Evernote, which has the advantage of working everywhere with everything. But it's just not as slick as OneNote. I'm very sad. I can't quite bring myself to risk my data again. Sure, I had backups, so I only lost a few pages of undiluted genius :rolleyes: but it did make me realize that you have to be careful not to think of Dropbox as both your live, incredibly convenient, data store and your backup.
  • yes, I pretty much was in your shoes wanting my 'iPad' to use certain applications that it just wouldn't - I'm SUPER exited about my ATIV 700T, though the Surface Pro is just around the corner, I couldn't wait the 6 to 8 weeks for it to come out - so, I did the deed and got the 700T - it runs most everything. (including high end video games on their 'low' settings,) so I'm SUPER happy.

    it's so cool having games like Epic Table or Xcom on my Tablet - connect to a TV and boom! e-table top Gaming for every one! I have high hopes of Steams, 'Big Screen' feature. In theory, I can plug in my tablet next to my TV and play PC Skyrim to my hearts content. heh.

    the one 'draw back' is I miss my 3/4G connection to the world... I'm going to check AT&T and see if they have a card I can plug into the usb, for connection instead of just my iphone tether.

    That said, most places have WiFi these days, so the inconvenience is waning.

  • Just adding to this thread - it looks like if your doing the 'two computer thing' there might be some 'clean up' you'll want to do if your interested in keeping every thing the same between machines... I know that on the machine that I moved my 'primary files' to, I had created a 'game' and that games name, was still accessible from the list of games on the main screen.

    Though if you entered that game, the assets were not available, (character names existed, but none of the grafics etc. were a part of the characters.)

    I'm thinking that perhaps deleting the cache / store / epictableuserdata.db and userConfig.ini might be what I'll do next time, then copy over the info from the computer that I'm wanting to be the primary. If that doesn't work, I'll delete resources and then settings - I'm sure eventually I'll delete what needs deleted - hopefully leaving space and time in tact.

    zWolf -out.
  • I haven't had that problem with associated images, etc., going missing. I haven't tested it extensively and don't consider it a feature yet, but I've had good luck moving things around for prep and for demos. The main thing is to get the store directory, the .db and either the .ini or at least make sure that your participant ID within the .ini is the same.

    Speaking of the participant ID, a question: I've spent a lot of time over the years kicking around ideas about that participant ID. It exists because I didn't want anyone to have to establish a login, like you would for a web-based service, for instance. My rationale was that having to setup a login would be a barrier to entry for people just wanting to try out EpicTable, and it would be an impossibility for people trying it out offline. It has the disadvantage, though, of giving you separate identities on separate computers. When (not if) I add some sort of cloud storage option, I'll almost certainly add a login that will establish your identity across machines.

    My question is: to what extent is having to register and have an EpicTable username and password a real inconvenience? To my surprise, several people seemed to assume that's how it worked anyway and would initially talk about logging in to EpicTable, expecting that such a central identity store existed.
  • Hey folks, more info on this.

    I recently swapped computers for a game, thinking "hey, I should know how to do this if anyone does, right?" I almost got it right. Here's the thing that I forgot. Game objects (maps, characters, etc) are associated with a participant ID, so EpicTable knows who has the definitive copy and knows who to ask for a given resource. So far so good. However, participant IDs are created when EpicTable first runs on a computer. There's no login or anything (which I did to make getting started super easy with no speed bumps). The problem is, if I have two computers, they'll have different participant IDs. In my response to zWolf, I cautioned that he should make sure the participant IDs in the two computers' userConfig.ini were the same. Fair enough, but that misses one point--any game objects you've already created are "owned by" the participant ID of the computer they were created on as it was at the time they were created. So, I can't just move my files and change my participant ID in userConfig.ini if I've created games on both computers prior to changing the participant IDs.

    Anyone confused? It's easier than it sounds. Easier still would be to just wait for me to come up with an answer. I'm still interested in whether folks think that creating an account on, for instance, would prevent you from trying it out. I personally kind of hate having to create an account just to evaluate something. I guess maybe if there's an account import/export, I could take that opportunity to ask if this game is supposed to be owned by the same person and sync the participant IDs.
  • What difference it makes when we use 2 boxes instead of just having one
  • The difference is that your data--characters, maps, etc., are stored locally. If you're using two machines--say one when you play at home and another when you play elsewhere, you have to make sure the data for the game you're running is one the machine you're using. I have this problem because I do most of my work, including what little prep I do for games, upstairs, but I often use a different computer in the basement on game night (to limit noise). So I have to be careful to have anything I've setup available to both computers, which is currently a bit of a pain, frankly.
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