Am I missing something?

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I am having a problem. I am using an image on a tabletop to simulate a blank character sheet. I have boxes set up for rolls, with the idea to create die rolls in the 'dice tray', and drag them down to populate these boxes. I can create the dice, pull them down on to the 'character sheet' tabletop, and roll them. I then edit the name of the die to match the character sheet, and so that the text in the chatbox matches what is being rolled. I then 'lock' the dice in place.

Later, when I attempt to move the dice, I can 'unlock' them, but I cannot move or resize them.

Am I missing something? Am I doing this wrong? Any ideas or help would be appreciated!

((I have been an owner of ET since GenCon 2011, but am just now 'putting the group together' and interest is really picking up. I'd like to show off this excellent program in all it's glory!!:)))


  • Ah, the lock-it-and-throw-away-the-key bug. I know about this one. I actually have a fix done already, but it's tangled up in the next release, which isn't quite ready. (Realistically, the next release is weeks away, not days, due to...a bunch of things I'll post about later tonight or tomorrow.)

    If you're getting close to game day and this is giving you fits, I can make a patch with just this change. There are quite a few fixes queued up for the next release, and I don't want to delay it by pulling too many things into a patch, but the lock thing is kind of a killer if you're using EpicTable the way you describe. If you're in the planning stages of your game and experimenting, and can wait for 1.1, that's great, but I'll gladly create a patch if you need it.

    By the way, I do exactly what you're doing--character sheet on the tabletop with dice roll objects on it. I'll use images for the character sheets, if I'm doing multiple (small) sheets per tab, or make the character sheet the background if it's just one per tab.
  • Thanks for the quick response! There is no need to do a special patch on my account, it's just good to know that a fix is on the way! If need be between now and then, I can simply 'remove' and then replace the dice until the patch is out.

    I am anxiously awaiting 1.1!

    one request ... any thoughts on playing cards (yes, I know, problem isn't the cards or the deck, its the dealing - who deals, who can see what, etc.)? By no means a deal-breaker, just a 'nice to have', if you know what I mean.
  • Cards are near term. Not 1.1 because I really need to get that out, but probably something soon thereafter. (The big themes for this year are: cards, conflict, and vision, though I haven't said that officially, and you didn't hear it from me.);)

    You're exactly right--it's not the cards, it's what you do with them: flip, peek, pass, gather, shuffle, stack, tap, fan.... But it's fun, fun stuff. I'm still working out what the minimal useful release of that is. I'm targeting Primetime Adventures and Savage Worlds to start with, which constrains the problem somewhat.
  • Savage Worlds is the game system I'm currently wanting to use, so this comes as great news to myself and my group! Good luck with the cards, and if you need any playtesting (winkwinknodnod) keep me in mind! The game is still in the planning stage and I can put a workaround in place (D54 anybody?) so there is no rush.

    Thanks for all the work on this - the issue and the whole Epic Project in general! We gamers appreciate it greatly!
  • No problem. And yes, I'll keep you in mind when it's time for cards. They'll probably show up first as a limited audience add-on, before they're integrated into a release, so I can gather feedback. You're an EpicTable Box Set owner, so you'll have access to the VIP forum through which that new stuff gets previewed before release.:cool:
  • John Lammers;2855 wrote: (The big themes for this year are: cards, conflict, and vision, though I haven't said that officially, and you didn't hear it from me.);)

    Hah! I love it.
  • Whats the context
  • It refers to features coming in 1.x and 2.0. EpicTable 1.1 makes a lot of what's already there better and adds a couple minor things. Beyond EpicTable 1.1, vision, EpicTable 2 will likely add cards and a conflict tracker. I hope to be able to demo prototypes of some of this at Gen Con this year.
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