EpicTable 1.1 Preview #2 - Tablets and Touchscreens

zWolf mentioned his Wacom tablet the other day, which reminded me of a couple things I neglected to show you in the first preview video.

Details on the blog: http://www.epictable.com/blog/dev/epictable-1-1-preview-2-tablets-and-touchscreens/


  • I still can't get that video to load and play in my browser. :(
  • Some other people have had a similar experience. The issue seems to be that the whole video has to download before it starts--at least with some browsers. Someone reported that Safari doesn't have that problem. I downgraded the video so that it wouldn't take so long, but it still takes 10 or 20 seconds before it starts for me. (I have a 30 Mbps download connection, though, so your mileage may vary.) I'll try yet another format....
  • Ah, I'll try that. I'm not normally that patient. :)
  • Okay, EpicTable now has its own YouTube account. The quality isn't as good as screencast.com, but this seems to eliminate the waiting.

    I really don't understand the issue with the video on screencast.com--I've done all my screencasts there and haven't had this problem. Of course, I've always posted them from Camtasia, and this was my first Super Fancy Screen+Live Action Video, so I suppose I've done something format-wise that's causing the delay. In any case, the YouTube video seems to be nearly instant-on, and the full-size screencast.com video is there if you want to see me in HD. :rolleyes:
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