For those of you tired of searching through figurines!

I am here to support a kickstarter page for a product called The Doppelganger.

It is a 1 or 2 inch (Your choosing) LCD screen attached to a square base that can display up to 20 images loaded into it. So, if you are tired of using that one goblin know the one with the dagger and a loincloth...for every enemy goblin you throw at your PCs, then this is the product for you. Simply find an image of that badass goblin wizard you've always imagined from the internet, load it onto the Doppelganger, and watch as your PCs tremble in fear.

The Doppelganger is rechargable, images can be loaded on from any Windows based PC, and best of all - you didn't have to ghetto rig it yourself! (As I had previouly done)

Simply pledge whatever you can and let's get this project up and running!

Also: Prepare to crap yourselves with excitement! Dice Rings are almost ready for purchase!
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