Question about Epic table?

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Hi all,

Just a quick question, that I'm sure John will answer. Is the server hosted on my machine or is there a centralized Epic table server doing all the work? This is a question out of curiosity alone. Thanks in advance.



  • Hi Gene,

    All EpicTable messaging is done via a set of servers in the cloud. As a consequence, you never have to worry about firewalls or router configuration like port forwarding. Your security software won't bother EpicTable as long as it's okay with outbound traffic on port 80. So, basically, if you don't have trouble browsing the web, you won't have trouble connecting to the EpicTable servers.

    -- John
  • Hey John, This is a one man labor of love and I have been so apprehensive about pulling the trigger on the purchase. What would happen if you decided or could not support in the future? Sorry to be such a pain but this is how my head thinks.
  • I understand the apprehension, but you could think about it like this. If I got hit by a meteorite tomorrow, would you not have gotten $60 worth of gaming out of EpicTable? If you would have bought pizza for your group at $10 a week or $10 a month, how does that stack up against the value of EpicTable.

    All that said, I should make arrangements for my untimely demise. I just don't want to put the wrong motivation out there. ;)

    Seriously, though, I've been careful not to add a feature that relies on EpicTable generating revenue to offset the cost. One of the nice benefits of my not relying on EpicTable for my livelihood is that I can continue it indefinitely...if I watch out for those meteorites.
  • John,

    Thanks, honestly I am just a natural worrier and with my son heading to school I'm watching just about every penny. I will likely purchase as soon as my trial of 1.1 runs out. Thanks for a real, honest answer. :)

  • Just to drop in my two coppers...

    I've been lurking around here for a long time. John understands our concerns and our love of the genre. He also gets how our finances are tight for most everyone and has really done his absolute best to build us a wonderful product with great features.

    My gaming has fizzled out once again and group dispersed, but I still snatched up a copy of Epic Table because I really believe it's the best on the market in terms of features, flexibility and support.

    Enjoy your trial of 1.1 and I think you'll be pleased with your purchase.
  • Just to throw my opinion in. We tried many other VTT before epictable, and this worked best with what we wanted to do esp. playing savage worlds which has a lot of customization. The great thing about the "you buy a table and all your friends can play on it". If you get a group of players who are interested in playing. Even having a small group contribute 10 dollars each will buy a table y'all can play on. It's just figuring out who owns the table :) my vote is the GM lol
  • Thadictator;2938 wrote: ...Even having a small group contribute 10 dollars each will buy a table y'all can play on. It's just figuring out who owns the table :) my vote is the GM lol

    Man, I've seen the work you put into your game--you should own the table!
  • lol Thank you and i do!
  • I too have been a longtime lurker who bought the Epic Table box set last year. And now, finally, I hope to run my first session next weekend! And thanks to the power of G+, I hope to have a player pool by the end of the week. Despite the recent love for Roll20 (via the Ennies), I will run a Numenera campaign using ET and if that goes as well (as I expect) I will begin a Cthulhu campaign in the not-so-distant future.

    So keep your faith up John! We are out here and eagerly following your development of this fine VTT!
  • Let me know how I can help make your campaign successful. If you have some maps you want to (and have the rights to) share, I'd be happy to use them for some vision testing and tutorials... Also have some stuff in the motion that might be of interest to Cthulhu folks in particular. The stars are right!
  • That sounds promising. My campaign is a sci-fi space-based horror game, so vision + stuff for Cthulhu players = works for me!
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