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A bit of background:

I currently live far away from my home, due to employment factors, so my game has a mix of people here where I work and back where I have my home. Also, I share a two-bedroom apartment with someone else from the office in a similar situation, so sometimes I can have most of the group over, and sometimes everyone must be remote.

Yesterday evening was a "everyone must be remote" game. All in all, it worked well! Skype group video chat helps keep people engaged and able to actually speak, and EpicTable does a great job of allowing chat to the group, or privately.

Still, as is always the case, as we use more features of the tool, I get more questions I don't actually know that there is an answer for from the players, so I thought I would come here and ask! :)

1) Is there currently a way to COPY out of the Chat window? I typed quite a bit last night, and discovered I'd left one player out of the conversation who should have heard. I then proceeded to cry, and re-type the whole thing, because I couldn't find a way to do a windows-style COPY from the chat area.

2) For a couple of my players, this was their first time being remote, and they discovered that EpicTable lets you direct chat to players, but not to characters. This wouldn't be an issue if some of my players didn't only know each other from the game. Handles like "highwillow", that have nothing to do with player or character name, have confused some of them, and they asked whether there wasn't a way to direct the chat to "Grog the Orc" and have EpicTable handle getting the whispers to whomever owned Grog at the moment instead. So, I thought I'd ask! Oh, and while they didn't mention it, I'm betting that if this is possible the very next question will be "Can the whisper tell me which of my characters it's aimed at?"

I also want to take a moment and say THANKS for the product. At this time, this literally makes my campaign possible, and that is a fantastic thing!


  • Thanks for the feedback!

    COPY out of the Chat window:

    You can't right now. That's often-requested and will be in 1.1 or a follow-up release.

    Whisper to character vs. player:

    Currently, whispers are always to players, not characters, the primary reason being that players can have multiple (or no) characters. By just using the player, I didn't have to worry about updating this with the current, main character of the player when the player adds a character or switches characters or runs multiple characters.

    I could (and should) solve the 90% case of player-with-1-character though. What about a display like, "Player (Character)" or "Character (Player)", for each player?

    • Bob with no character: Bob

    • Bob with character, Conan: Bob (Conan)

    • Bob with characters Conan and Xil: Bob (Conan, Xil)

    • Bob ditches Conan: Bob (Xil)

  • That would totally work! They just need a way to make sure they're not accidentally sending their chat to the wrong party. :)
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