Big lags on synchronization

I often have big lags on synchronization, and sometimes synchro just crash and we have to reboot Epictable.

When i say big, it's several ... minutes ! i saw it specially in chat (with dice rolls)

I play with 5 players, we are all from France.

Is it a known issue ? Does other users have the same problem?

It's really ennoying, otherwise i really like this soft.

Is this part improved in the next upcoming upgrade ?


  • hey tontione,

    First off, I'm sorry you're experiencing problems. I'm aware of a couple evenings with the lags you describe. I'd like a better idea of how often you experience this. My impression has been that it's only happened a handful of times, but if there are more of you out there, speak up--I need to know.

    In a couple occurrances that I'm aware of, there was something wrong with the messaging server. Normally, the company that runs it is really responsive if I contact them with a problem and have gotten it resolved pretty quickly.

    The upcoming EpicTable 1.1 should help the situation. I'm the last one on the old version of the messaging system. EpicTable 1.1 transitions to the new messaging system, which is larger, faster, better monitored, etc.

    It's also possible that there's something about your game setup that's causing an issue. There are no limits built in to certain things you can do in EpicTable. For instance, if you're using really large images, that can cause an issue--not because there's anything wrong with the messaging system, but because your system doesn't get anything done except sending those big files. You'd think (I thought, anyway) that it would be more difficult to get yourself in trouble, but I found that it's surprisingly easy to get in trouble with rich text notes, like those on the character dialog. The problem is that the RTF format doesn't compress images. Thus, that "little" 2MB image you put in an RTF file takes 75MB! It takes so long to send the file that all participants give up...and then retry...forever.

    There's an article about this on the support site if you're interested:

    I would have never guessed rich text would store images uncompressed...until this one group used an image of a character sheet as the background for their notes. Note that this applies only to rich text. Images used for character tokens, backgrounds on the map or tabletop, or images you put on the tabletop are all okay.

    That's been mitigated in EpicTable 1.1 as well--I've done a lot of work to make the rich text files smaller, I'll warn you about large files in rich text, and outright prevent the really big ones.

    Meanwhile, I'd be happy to take a look at your diagnostic info. If you run 'Collect Diagnostics' on the host and one of the participants, and send me the results, that should be plenty. You don't even have to start EpicTable to do this (see link, above).

    Finally, always feel free to contact me (via [email][/email] or [email][/email]) and if I'm anywhere close to able to do so, I'll jump on and do what I can to help you out. That goes for any of you.

    -- John
  • Thanks John for your complete answer.

    i will try to answer your questions :

    we had lags during several sessions, so i'm sure it's not a rare case.

    During one, i tried to use the drawing tool, but it appears nobody saw my changes, so finally i just stopped to use it.

    Otherwise it's dice rolls and texts on chat which are bad synchronized.

    I don't use rich texts, only maps with characters counters, little chat and dice rolls.

    I first made the mistake to upload big pictures for my map backgrounds, but now i am careful to send only tiny files.

    I will send you diagnostics soon.
  • I'd appreciate that. If you're seeing this problem often, then it's unlikely that it's the messaging issue I mentioned. And if it's not the images-in-rich-text issue, and you're not using enormous images elsewhere...maybe it's something I've not seen before. I'd love to see the diagnostics. I'd be happy to join you online sometime, too.
  • John, how do the drawing tools work in multiplayer game sessions? Are you transmitting instructions to the connected players to recreate a given stroke locally, or are you instead transmitting the rendered bitmap that resulted from a stroke? If the latter, perhaps that could cause the transfer to choke.
  • They're sent stroke-by-stroke. They used to be sent as a group--not as a bitmap, but as a new (vector) drawing. That led to weirdness when multiple people were editing at once, so sometime last Fall, I switched it to send changed strokes. Even under the old way, I never saw a noticeable performance hit--just the oddness cause by multiple people editing at once, overwriting each others' changes.

    I've seen really bad network connections cause someone's EpicTable client to basically just request the same resource over and over because it never gets it before timing out. But I'm assuming tontione isn't having network issues in general. I'll be able to tell more from the diagnostics.
  • Even I too face similar issues
  • If you're having similar issues, please do let me know. I use EpicTable virtually 7 days a week, and normally one or two nights a week in an actual game, and I've experienced this only once or twice in the last couple years. In that same time, I've been called into 5 sessions where other people were having trouble. Two of those were issues with large rich text files or local network trouble. Three were legitimately issues with the messaging service. If it's more widespread, I want to know. Even if it's not, I need to get to the bottom of it. If it's the messaging layer, EpicTable 1.1 should help. If it's something else, then hopefully, the diagnostics will help me find it. There are instructions on collecting diagnostics here:
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