Kickstarter: Custom music, SFX, VO for Tabletop RPGS

Not sure if anyone else does this, but our gaming group loves to use ambient audio while we play to set the mood. And to my surprise I found an article on Geek Native that mentioned a Kickstarter campaign to create custom music, sound effects, and voice overs for Tabletop RPGers! They even have some guy who did voice work on Diablo 3 working with them.

I'm backing this sucker at $75 to get the Soundboard and all audio they create as it's finished but you can get all the basic audio for a $15 pledge. I'm spreading the news cause I love it and they clearly need a boost to get to their funding goal. Maybe some of you guys (or gals like me) would find it useful.

Name: The Realmsound Project

By: The Orange County Gaming Group

Goal: $10,000

Ends: Tuesday, July 23, 3:23pm EDT

What: Professional Custom Music, Sound Effects, and Voice over for Tabletop RPG gamers

Pledges: $5 Wristband, $15 $2000 worth of their audio, $25 CD + All Previous, $35 All Previous, $50 Soundboard + All Previous, $75 Get Audio as

it's Created + All Previous, $100 Voting Rights for SFX + All Previous, $150 Thank You + All Previous, $250 Voting on Monster Sounds + All Previous, $500 Voting Rights on Racial Music + All Previous, $750 Voting Rights on New Language + All Previous, $1000 Use Your Character's Name in VO + All Previous, $1500 Create Own Custom Character Music + All Previous
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