Less Painful Combat: Combat Trackers, Part 1

Recently, I've been working on the combat tracking mechanisms for EpicTable, and I've been through something of a personal renaissance with respect to combat tracking in my own weekly face-to-face game... [View original post]


  • I love my GameMastery Combat Pad! Delayed and Readied Actions were always a nightmare when I used initiative cards. But the Combat Pad greatly simplifies the adjudication of such maneuvers, so much so that I often find myself suggesting them to players when they seem a bit hesitant on their turn.

    As for PC spells in effect: I have the players use a die as counter to keep track of their spells' durations. Have a spell that last for 10 rounds? Set a 10-sider on the battlemat with the 10 face-up. Each turn, that player turns their die to the next lower number.
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